I have had the pleasure of working with Monte Mitchell in the last few months. It is easy to see that he has great knowledge of the Toyota Production System and how to apply the tools that will make a difference to the company/client he is working with to improve their current state. I have been fortunate to work with Monte and learn from him some of the tools of Lean. Monte has an uncanny ability to connect with the worker on the floor and with the CEO of the company at any given moment. He has the skill set that any client would look for in making their journey into the lean world a smooth transition. I would highly recommend Monte for any needs that you may have.
Terry Dunn
Advisor at Aichi Forge USA, Inc.
I was initially impressed with Mr. Mitchell’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when he delivered the kickoff presentation for Lean Leadership. During the yearlong training, Monte mentored me, he consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I heartily endorse him for any consulting position he seeks. Monte is reliable, dedicated, diligent and intelligent. Monte quickly learned the culture here at L&I and business objectives that were unfamiliar to him when he first started. Monte’s proficiency in all that he does allows him to apply a holistic consulting approach and rates him as a top-performing professional to me. He has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information.
Nathan Petty
Director of Lean Capacity
Development at State of Washington
It is hard to limit myself to 3 attributes when it comes to Monte for he an excellent example of all of them. Without a doubt Monte comes into an organization and gets results. He uses his depth of expertise to work with the group, regardless of their knowledge or where they are on their Lean journey and consistently produces results. I have found him a pleasure with which to work. He challenges people. This makes the learning stick and consistently pushes them to get better and better. He is adaptable to the situation, asks the hard questions, and can teach/coach in a manner suitable for the group and individuals. I give him my highest possible recommendation.
John Elshaw
Permanent Deacon
I have had the great fortune to have known and worked with Monte on several projects over the past four years. Monte is a true lean guru; he has an astounding understanding of lean manufacturing, operations and the complete supply chain and effectively applies the lean principles to the fullest for maximum sustainable results. Monte is a tremendous leader and mentor, he takes great pride in enhancing the lean knowledge and skill set of those he works with and those he works for. Monte is extremely professional and is able to communicate effectively to all levels of operation and executive management and as a result the staff/operators become lean champions and work to be a part of the overall solution. I would highly recommend Monte and Fourtre Consulting and look forward to working with him again soon.
Christopher Lynn
Director of Procurement, MSIO
“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Monte on many projects and witnessed first hand his subject matter expertise and mastery of TPS methodology with clients. Monte has a unique ability to connect with clients at all levels within their organization. Equally as important, Monte's second to none professional network, strong consulting tool box and cutting edge knowledge of the trends in our industry, with out a doubt, makes him one of the leading trusted advisor's out there.”
Michael Heath
Founder - Director of Business Development
Monte supplied consulting services to my organization while I was the Director of Lean Manufacturing at Aquatic Bath. He helped us with several complex Rapid Changeover (SMED) events for our whirlpool manufacturing line. He taught us how to dramatically increase our mold changes while also delivering a significant improvement in scrap and productivity rates. In addition to set-up time reduction, Monte helped us improve our TPM program, visual controls, cellular plant lay-out and pull-production systems. He is an expert lean change agent.
Eliot Dratch
Practice Lead, Management Consulting
Working with Monte was such a pleasure at Toyota; I miss that even today. He approached every problem with great analytical prowess, and a consistently optimistic attitude; this combination is extremely rare. I would highly recommend Monte to anyone looking for superb quality of work combined with an amazing work ethic.
Shrikirti Mahesh
Director, Digital Photo & Marketplaces at CVS Health
Monte is an excellent strategic thinker and goes beyond theory to apply his TPS knowledge to organizational needs. He has a demonstrated ability to effectively manage multiple project resources, schedules and budgets. Monte shares his strong work ethic, drive, and TPS knowledge through hands-on teaching and mentoring.
Robin Coonen
Finance & Human Resource Professional
Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with Monte’s work in reviewing our LQA and Loan Mod areas for improvement to our HAMP process. His report was very thorough easy to read and pointed out some low hanging fruit for us to capitalize on. I am very excited to put his recommendations into action. Thank you for allowing us to work with Monte. His analysis and recommendations will make a difference to these two teams.
Mary Reeder
Loan Administration Area Manager