When a division is no longer sustainable, it is critical to move quickly and confidently to protect the remaining value. Turnaround techniques can be as easy as implementing robust management operating systems to improve a facility's performance. In more desperate circumstances, drastic changes are required, such as the closure of facilities, the consolidation of footprints, and the discontinuation of underperforming product lines. For a restructuring and turnaround consulting division, the most critical first move is to grasp the core problems and clearly recognize the available solutions given the available financial runway. To resolve the situation and chart a course forward, solutions must be carefully tailored.


When dealing with a performance issue or planning for a significant future event that will affect a project, business unit, or organization, we bring experience, organizational leadership, and tactical skills to bear. Fourtre's transformation and turnaround consultancy guides businesses through plant footprint management, supply chain realignment, inventory days on hand upgrades, staffing calibration, and payment period changes, resulting in millions of dollars in positive cash flow.

We begin every engagement with a detailed evaluation of the situation to decide whether the probable outcome is worth the commitment of our clients' time, money, and resources, with fairness and accountability at the forefront of everything we do.


Maintaining a customer-centric orientation in a division going through bankruptcy is critical for creditors to retain value. Our turnaround experts have years of experience defining and separating lucrative markets from those that aren't. The disparity between on-paper estimates and reality in day-to-day operations may be in the millions of dollars. Fourtre's emphasis on development and distribution processes is based on the idea that clients are responsible for results, not just policy.


To pull off a turnaround, you'll need a lot of energy and concentration. Because of the magnitude and severity of the danger, every day counts. When a dramatic new approach is implemented, tensions rise, and our team's objective perspective helps keep the emphasis on the task at hand, without the distractions that come from years of being stuck in the old market. As executives in business, Fourtre relationship managers and restructuring consultants have driven transitions as well as programs assisting our clients as consultants.