GM cuts some U.S. truck production shifts because of chip shortage


The company plans to operate all but one of its plants during two traditional summer shutdown weeks to boost production.

WASHINGTON — General Motors will cancel some truck production shifts this weekend at two U.S. auto plants because of the ongoing semiconductor shortage, the company said on Friday.

The largest U.S. automaker is canceling scheduled overtime production for Saturday at its Fort Wayne Assembly plant in Indiana and canceling a Friday night shift as well as overtime shifts for Saturday and Sunday at its Flint assembly plant in Michigan.

GM said it plans to operate all but one of its plants during two traditional summer shutdown weeks to boost production.

Original Article: https://www.autonews.com/manufacturing/gm-cuts-some-us-truck-production-shifts-because-chip-shortage


From the CEO: Why I believe in “Share, Learn and Grow”


Throughout my career, other lean practitioners, leaders, and organizations I observed have opened my eyes to new ideas, methods and tools. Going to the gemba and hearing others’ experiences have been transformative for how I learn and grow.

Before becoming AME’s president and CEO, I was a member like many of you. At AME events and in Target articles, I’d often hear the mantra, “Share, Learn and Grow.” I’ve been reflecting on why those three words make the community we all inhabit so important.

Each of those words is vital to the continuous improvement process. On the micro level, in your departments, facilities and organizations, knowledge sharing should be prevalent so that everyone is on the same page. When people share, learn and grow in an organization, operations hum, the company fulfills its mission and prospers, and individuals feel a sense of purpose and joy.

On the macro level in the AME member community and larger lean community, I have always been inspired by practitioners’ willingness to share ideas and information so that others may learn and grow. So often those doing the sharing also learn and grow in the process because feedback and questions they hear allow them to see things in a new light.

As you may know, “Share, Learn and Grow” isn’t just a mantra for AME. It is also part of our mission “to inspire a commitment to enterprise excellence through experiential learning by bringing people together to share, learn and grow.” Thank you for being part of this journey and for embracing this mindset. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect you to greater knowledge, a rich network and a larger purpose.

Original Article: https://www.ame.org/ame-article/04/02/2021/ceo-why-i-believe-%E2%80%9Cshare-learn-and-grow%E2%80%9D